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YMIR explores a new future

The birth of blockchain technology, not only from the technical level to promote the vigorous development of multiple fields, multiple industries, more importantly, will give birth to a new round of global data storage and application of the industrial revolution.

YMIR was founded in 1989 by YM FOUNDATION (YMF), a leading global venture capital firm.

Ymir as the world’s first fully decentralized based on block chain the underlying protocols of the Internet, will fully explore the new way of going to the financial center, Ymir is committed to the development of a based on block chain, security, the next generation of powerful global computer application level block chain, to build a new decentralized public cloud computing services.

In this era of information, YMIR will eventually redefine the form of global data ecological circulation, and will also empower the world’s data information with new digital value.

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