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Yifang Jewelry’s business model for wealth creation + ACG gold NFT, responding to the policy call to “hide gold in the people”

As a local jewelry company in Shenzhen, Yifang Jewelry was established in 1992 after the reform and opening up. It is a large-scale comprehensive jewelry company specializing in jewelry R&D, design, production, processing, and sales services. There are more than 2,000 employees. The offline sales network radiates to most of South China, Central China and neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. The annual production and sales volume of platinum jewelry ranks among the top in the world.

Like other valuables, due to the impact of the epidemic, overall performance in 2020 has declined significantly. In order to stabilize economic operations, the Shenzhen Municipal Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau promulgated an active policy in early 2021: Supporting the pilot “digital currency” of gold and jewelry consumer coupons to build national gold An innovation base for consumption and gold investment products and services. Encourage commercial banks to cooperate with technology companies to optimize precious metal trading systems and customer terminals.

In this context, all Yifang people boldly innovate, break the traditional thinking of one-stroke trading in the past, and open up a new business model: not only introduces the blind box lottery, check-in, low-price panic and other conventional games, but also allows users to invest People’s identity, participating in gold investment and dividends, more intuitively feel the value of gold investment.

According to the latest activity policy released by the Yifang Jewelry Community, in addition to the Golden Beans that you can get considerable income from buying gold jewelry on the Yifang platform, you can also enjoy a 10% referral reward as a member. The daily turnover of the team is as high as 25%. By purchasing a certain amount of gold from Yifang Jewelry, you can get up to 10% of the dividends of the whole network.

Walk into Yifang Jewelry, take you to share the feast of wealth.

In addition to the interesting and fun investment dividend model, the combination of Unilateral and ACG has pushed the trading and investment of gold and jewelry to a new direction.

We know that ACG is the full name “Australia Crypto Gold Limited company” (Australia Crypto Gold Limited company). It is a new gold and jewelry company based on the Internet network platform. ) And Sanshandao Precious Metals Co., Ltd., a leading domestic gold mining company, was jointly established. At present, the first gold jewelry NFT launched by Yifang Jewelry and ACG was sold out as soon as it was sold. Unlike other virtual NFTs that are currently under fire, the gold NFT launched by Yifang Jewelry and ACG is equivalent to physical gold. In other words, having a physical gold NFT is equivalent to owning the physical gold jewelry. In this way, the gold NFT greatly releases the investment properties of gold: users do not have to personally take the physical gold or deposit the physical gold in a bank safe, and at the same time, gold NFT transactions are far more convenient than physical gold.


In this way, gold retailers and investors achieve a win-win situation. For gold retailers, it has increased the exposure and liquidity of gold jewelry or gold treasures; for investors, it is easier for them to find their favorite gold jewelry or gold treasures.

So, as investors or consumers, why should we buy gold on the Yifang Jewelry Platform?

Gold is a non-renewable resource that can be used to fight inflation. It is a hard currency with excellent hedging functions. It is a mainstream investment product on a global scale.

From the perspective of liquidation, gold is easy to liquidate. Now the gold NFT launched by Unilateral and ACG makes gold more powerful in liquidity. In the next ten years, gold will be a high-quality asset with stable growth.

The investment policy of Yifang Jewelry has made a very good start in Shenzhen. At present, the market continues to heat up, and it will soon enter the stage of rapid development of the national market. Marketing Director Ms. Huilin Wang gave a detailed explanation of the company’s reception standards, service center incentive policies, and rules for the establishment of market committees, and was highly recognized by the on-site personnel. They all expressed that they would make good use of these incentive policies to help their market development. Everyone believes that with the strong support of the market support policy, the market will explode quickly across the country, and the brand value of Xingrui Jewelry will be quickly transmitted to every city.

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