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TRON Development Contest, empowering the blockchain game sector

On December 1, 2018, TRON held a DApp development competition. Its name is TRON Accelerator, which means TRON accelerator. And many developers participated. During this period, issues such as low development cost, fast transaction speed and low user threshold have become the key for developers to choose TRON.

In order to continue to promote blockchain innovation, we officially announced the million dollar acceleration plan of TRON Accelerator. This project will help developers and startups develop decentralized applications. This protocol is currently the most active, with more than 1 million times a day and more than 600,000 wallet addresses per day.


TRON has launched a million-dollar prize pool, with hundreds of participating teams participating, aiming to provide support for developers and promote innovation in the blockchain industry. Before January 4, 2019, the participating development teams need to submit a decentralized application project based on the TRON public chain to compete for the most fierce blockchain hackathon award.

According to tron.app, the number of TRON DApps has reached 187 now , and the number of smart contracts deployed on the TRON network has reached approximately 464.

The TRON developers compete for TRON Accelerator,which ended in a successful way. In the past month, about 1,000 blockchain enthusiasts and developers participated in the TRON global community competition. In the end, 113 high-quality blockchain projects received bonuses and R&D funds sharing one million U.S. dollars from all over the world .

Participants of these DApps cover a variety of fields: games, transactions, wallets, social, artificial intelligence, etc.. Due to TRON’s network performance and active user base, many DApp users received it soon after it was released. The number of users and transactions have increased significantly. This achievement has not only brought rich returns to people with lofty ideals, but also reaffirmed the performance of the TRON network and the large-scale application of TRON’s DApp.

Among them, Chirs Keanu, the chief game designer of Ubisoft North America Studio, as a guest, participated and communicated with the contestants. He hopes to integrate his own ideas with blockchain technology.

The end of the development contest is not the end, but a new beginning. TRON will continue to provide a stage for global developers. I believe that the next step will become more and more diversified in the blockchain game market. It is not only the addition of well-known blockchain projects such as TRON, but also other well-known blockchain technology projects.This makes the blockchain game market flourish, and allows players and users to experience the brilliance of blockchain games all over the world.

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