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The world’s first metaverse construction chain game OASIS is about to open the “Key to the Future” Genesis Blind Box


According to OASIS official news, after the completion of the “PE Ark Project”, OASIS, the world’s first metaverse construction chain game, will launch the “Key to the Future” Genesis Blind Box event on February 8. The “Creation Blind Box” released this time It covers rare building materials, “super factories”, NFT residential and commercial buildings in the game. Buildings and factories in the game require material synthesis, and the “Blind Box of Creation” is currently the only way to obtain finished NFT buildings. Only by possessing finished NFTs can you quickly participate in the game and get the first ore income.

The launch of the “Creation Blind Box” means that the ecology of “OASIS” has officially kicked off. Starting from the metaverse land and NFT buildings, in the near future, AR and VR devices will be used to achieve a fully immersive experience, from global hot spots Landmarks to simulated interstellar travel, take you into the new Web3.0 era!

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