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Gavin Wood left Ethereum Foundation and newly set up TCE Laboratory

It is reported that Gavin Wood, the core member of Ethereum Foundation, known as “Ethereum invisible brain”, left Ethereum recently for several reasons and is suspected to make an irreconcilable dispute with the Giant V (VitalikButerin). Gavin Wood’s departure caused uproar in the industry.

Gavin Wood has written the Yellow Book of Ethereum all by himself, which has promoted the realization of Ethereum technology. As a talent programmer, he began programming when he was 8 years old. At that time, he developed a game which was highly praised. Later, he successfully obtained the master’s and doctoral degrees in the Department of computer science at the University of York, UK. In 2013, Gavin Wood and Giant V got to know with each other through friends. After joining Ethereum, Gavin Wood completed a series of development tasks, such as Ethereum’s early C++ version client, Ethereum Python prototype display client, and Go language based official client Geth, etc. only in two years, which has left a prominent mark in the history of Ethereum and even blockchain.

After Gavin Wood left Ethereum, a group of members left the Ethereum team one after another and set up TCE Laboratory (Trusted Computing of Ethereum LAB). It is said that the TCE laboratory newly established focuses on trust computing based on the bottom of Ethereum.

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