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Far sighted: the new infrastructure of entropy channel foundation venture capital blockchain has been successful

Blockchain has been active in the Internet context since it came into the public view. People’s mood for this has changed from initial fanaticism to later questioning, until it becomes calm, and then becomes more and more firm in calm. Blockchain, an innovative technology, is going through the cycle that all new things must go through. 2019 is undoubtedly a milestone year for blockchain.

On June 18, Facebook officially launched the Libra white paper to the world. From the content of the white paper, Facebook’s goal is very clear, that is, to become a super sovereign Central Bank of the global digital economy until the final establishment of Facebook’s digital economy empire. The admission of Facebook has made it an irreversible trend for cryptocurrency to upgrade from idealistic 1.0 to commercialist 2.0. At the same time, it has attracted great attention of global governments and once again pushed the concept of blockchain to a new heat.

In May 2019, a news about the financing of evaio by entyopy Dao Foundation (entropy Foundation) attracted the attention of people in the chain circle.


The investor evaio (formerly eva.io, full name electric vehicle application in & out) of entyopy Dao foundation was established in 2017, and its team is composed of all former Tesla people. Patrick, CEO of evaio Patrick de Potter is the 185th employee of Tesla and one of the former European leaders.

Evaio is a new vertical model of “electric vehicle + blockchain”, fully known as electric vehicle distributed database and application platform. Evaio provides the underlying technical framework of blockchain for electric vehicles. It uses DAG + blockchain dual framework to ensure the coexistence of smart contracts and high-speed transactions of the Internet of things. DAG nodes are selected through dpos and MCMC consensus algorithm. DAG witnesses and block producers make the system power more decentralized, and access the Internet of things shared charging pile to complete the ecological closed loop through vehicle mileage and data contribution, Finally, the autonomous payment of vehicles in driverless state is achieved.


Eric Douglas, chairman of entyopy Dao foundation, is Swedish. Douglas family is one of the largest land owners in Sweden. Eric has served on the board of the family investment company wasatorne for many years. Douglas family is the largest shareholder of latourab, which holds the shares of securitasab and assaabloy, the world’s largest lock manufacturer. In addition, Eric is also a major shareholder of abfagerhult, one of Europe’s leading lamp manufacturers. In 2005, Eric invested $5.6 million in Tesla Motors to become a member of Tesla’s board of directors. In October 2016, the entropy Dao foundation was officially established to invest in the new infrastructure of blockchain digital economy.

In November 2019, evaio launched the main network, proving that there is a lot of space for the application of blockchain technology in many fields, which also requires more technicians to explore and study. Blockchain technology has a new concept and logical structure, and it is still developing and changing every day. Therefore, with the change that blockchain can provide value for trust, it will enter different stages. Perhaps one day in the future, the blockchain may move into an updated stage


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