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Elves Continent, cute, fun and profitable SUPER 3D boutique chain tour Elves Continent!

Key words: Super 3D modeling +GameFi+ real battle scene +30 days back

Elves Continent game background

Elves Continent is an innovative MMORPG GameFi in the field of blockchain games. The basic framework of the game is developed based on BSC chain, integrating DeFi economic logic and enabling NFTs application scenarios. NFT+DeFi+MMORPG massively multiplayer online strategy game with the theme of immersive fantasy adventure. Covers the fighting game, position and strategy, more style, combined with the dream, cartoons, girls, and a variety of elements, such as all characters in the game and equipment assets are independent of NFT, players can be in the world of fairy kingdom set up their own personal hero, at the same time, the hero can be used for trading, fighting, collecting, and constantly create value, NFT token rewards are also available in the game, implementing the play-to-earn concept of chain Play.

Elves Continent production team

Elves Continent is created and developed by Roken Rules team in Vienna, Austria. The team takes creating innovative games and barrier-free platform interaction as its mission, and aims at originality, simplicity and excellence, striving to make games become important cultural elements and make every game have a new meaning. Let each player after the game can be remembered for a long time.

The team takes quality, inclusiveness and sustainability as the core of game culture and media to create a GameFi product that integrates entertainment, revenue and vision.

Felix-CEO: Responsible for game design and management, maintaining the vision of the company and staying true to the original vision

Jan- Development Engineer: Responsible for ensuring the infrastructure required for the game environment and providing important ideas on game design.

Martin — Architect: Lead architect of the in-game logic and data framework

Peter-cfo: Responsible for game front-end presentation and game visual modeling

Clemens- Chief illustrator: Responsible for art work such as illustration for game publicity and scene construction in game

Elves Continent gameplay introduction

In “Elves Continent”, players randomly obtain professional roles by drawing blind boxes. The game contains three professions, swordsmen, Elves and pet masters. Players must meet three roles at the same time to start exploration (can be the same profession), and each profession has different appearance, race, skills, etc. Attributes are also determined based on the character qualities of each class.

Swordsman: male only appearance, strong defense, vitality, as a tank in the group

Elf: Only female character appearance, master magic attack, have strong attack power, act as the DPS of the team

Pet master: male/female role appearance, with strong control ability, supporting ability, as a wet nurse in the team

How to play Elves Continent

Compared to other GameFi products on the market, the developers of Elves Continent are more focused on developing a player-to-player economy and rewarding token holders with good economic cycles.

In Elves Continent, there are three types of tokens, namely EK, EKD and EKF. Players participate in combat through mission system, PVP system and PVE system to get EKD and EKF token reward.

Elves Continent task system

The game is divided into daily tasks and achievement tasks. After completing the game tasks, you can get Token rewards.

Daily Tasks:

Daily check

Clear 10 copies

Win 5 PVP matches

Achievement Tasks:

Defeat 50 bosses

Get 12 pieces of 3-star or higher quality equipment

Win 1000 PVP matches

Elves Continent economic cycle

There are three tokens in Fairy Kingdom: EK, EKD, and EKF.

Token EK:

Total circulation: 800 million

Acquisition channel: purchase through XXX

Purpose: buy Angle color blind box, war alliance props

Distribution ratio:

Game ecology rewards 50%

Capital investment 20%

Early investors 10%

Technical development 10%

Game operation 10%

Token EKD:

Total circulation: 10 billion

Access: Players earn rewards by winning PVP battles

Uses: synthetic equipment handling fee, synthetic soul beast handling fee, exchange soul beast eggs, upgrade the level of the territory

Token EKF:

Total circulation: 10 billion

Acquisition channels: Players get it by completing replica levels, daily missions, activities, etc

Usage: upgrade skill level, exchange soul animal eggs, exchange soul animal food

Except fighting, all legions and great empires depend on trade, and Elves Continent is no exception, which is why an armistice was declared in the Marketplace of the Eternal World. The truce allows players to buy and sell their valuables in the game, including their newly minted Elves, wizard potions, jewelry, and even their ruling spirit beasts.

Sellers can set a price for what they sell or leave it at auction, where buyers compete to get gaia and the item they most want. Buyers scan the market and auction rooms until they find what they need. They then contact the seller and complete the sale.

Elves Continent Marketplace allows people to search for different items and EKs to buy and sell. Items can be searched or filtered by region, scarcity, and item type. Players can also purchase items and facilities that can be used to upgrade their empire, including legion halls, nurseries, and hospitals. Sellers set prices for items, but because some items are rarer than others, the market fluctuates.

Summary analysis: the link of the market performance reference, Elves Continent is the early stage of development outbreak, if seize this wave of dividend period is expected to 10 times the profit, this is a stable ranking in the top ten games, and the rate of return is very optimistic, the game innovation is very strong, can be used as a long-term game to play.

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