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Ecology Blockchain: Boost Traditional Enterprises in Accessing to the Decentralized Business Ecology

At present, the fourth industrial revolution represented by blockchain technology is sweeping in. The application of blockchain technology and the token economy will bring human and business into a new digital era. With the vigorous support of blockchain technology from various countries and rapid influx of many capitals, it is gradually becoming a new engine powering the global economic development.

How to achieve the integration and innovation of blockchain with new digital technologies such as the IoT and AI, maximize its value in the real society, and empower various industries? In the era of economic globalization, the only way for traditional enterprises to achieve long-term development is to actively embrace emerging technologies and achieve a perfect chain reform of enterprises, and the arrival of Ecology Blockchain is a suitable choice.

Enterprise chain reform is the call of the times

The so-called enterprise chain reform refers to the use of blockchain technology to upgrade and transform the business processes, functions of governance and on-chain data of existing traditional enterprises. Using the decentralization, tamper-proof and traceability features of blockchain, the original business model, financial system, product model, financial system and data system will be optimized and iterated comprehensively.

The ultimate goal of the reform is to empower enterprises, to go deeper into the industrial chain process and commodity R&D, to deeply analyse their data possession and data flow. The reform aims at releasing the industry’s own maximum dynamic energy and achieving maximum profit for enterprises with the goal of reconstructing the data organization and data storage methods through the optimization of the whole industrial chain process.


Ecology Blockchain promotes enterprise chain reform and empowers traditional enterprises

In the past, it was very difficult and unpredictable for companies to get their data on the chain, with two main problems: high fees and volatile transfer prices, both of which are even more pronounced in the Ethernet network. As a result, companies were unable to provide financial budgets to enable subsequent ecological implementation, especially in today’s global digital age. In addition, the active participation of all kinds of companies in the digital economy has increased the pressure on the Ethernet system to carry a high load.

Data shows that since the introduction of Ethernet in 17 years, transaction fees have always remained at about one dollar, until the second half of last year as DeFi applications continued to increase, fees began to show an exponential rise, with the highest one even reaching hundreds of dollars, which overwhelmed a large number of end users and made the entry cost of traditional enterprises constantly increase, causing serious obstacles to the long-term development of the entire ecology.

The birth of Ecology Blockchain solves the problem of dynamic GAS prices, and its stable handling fee allows enterprises to easily achieve financial reporting and efficiently plan their program budgets, thus promoting data interconnection and transaction settlement between enterprises and IoT and AI. As more users and enterprises use the products and services of Ecology Blockchain and choose transactions and settlements on chain, it not only helps physical enterprises to realize data on-chain and the chain reform, but also opens a door to a new world of digital assets for global business.

Ecology Blockchain is initiated by BTYC Blockchain Foundation Ltd. With the Foundation’s strong capital support, it is committed to building blockchain payments, becoming the leader of ecological application, creating a new global business ecosystem, digitizing the value of intangible assets and providing Ecology Blockchain and empowered businesses through enterprise chain reform.

The Ecology Blockchain technology team was established in August 2017 under the initiative of Valery Vavilov, founder of the BitFury Group in Russian, who was one of the earliest BTC technology service providers, once participated in the promotion of BTC and had deep cooperation with Samsung in 2014 in the development of high-performance chips. Together with VittalikButerin, founder of Ethereum, Valery participated in the development of the underlying technology of Ethereum.


The ECFIL cross-chain bridge has been independently developed by the Ecology blockchain technology team since September 2020. It adopts expected consensus mechanism and is based on Filecoin high-capacity nodes for distributed cross-chain slicing and storage of data. As a result, coin.ec users will be bridged to Web 3.0 in the future through the decentralized storage solution provided by ECFIL.

ECToken is the only value circulation credential for the EC global ecosystem. Based on its high-performance underlying technology of Ethereum/Cardano, the EC mainnet of BitFury Lightning 3000 payment technology was online in July 2019. It is completely ecological open source, with payment speeds exceeding 30 times year-on-year and consuming 95% less Gas payment costs year-on-year, giving it an extremely competitive advantage among peers. Several high-quality ecological projects are already online on the EC main network, all running on the EC main network with EC tokens as Gas, which is safe and efficient.

Ecology Blockchain technology is not only an overall upgrade to the future business ecosystem, but its low and stable fees are also a huge improvement to the current Dapp market environment. Although the scale of it is still small compared to Ether, it does not affect the infinite expansion of its future market ecology, especially with the continuous strengthening of EC consensus and the continuous improvement of technology, its influence will gradually increase, and the ecology of Ecology blockchain will be incomparably huge in the future. Let’s wait and see.

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