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With the rapid rise of global finance, digital asset trading is entering people’s vision with a unique attitude. Today, blockchain technology has been accepted by the world, and it’s application in various industries has become a lot more extensive. It’s value is increasingly recognized by people. When the progress of digital assets sounded the clarion call, the financial investment and currency attributes has also got rid of traditional definitions.

As a revolutionary technology, blockchain is promoting the digital transformation of the global traditional financial market as an enlightenment. In the foreseeable future, the digital currency secondary market will have huge room for growth, forming a complementary situation with high-quality exchanges. However, traditional asset exchanges are affected by the centralized system, and there are still many insurmountable technical risks and market pain points. For this reason, with the vigorous development of blockchain technology today, it is urgent to establish a professional, safe, stable and reliable digital asset and derivatives exchange.

Technology leads the development of time. DMex is building a digital asset trading platform that includes digital currency transactions and digital asset derivatives transactions. In today’s thriving technology, DMex is not only a digital currency exchange, but also a digital asset trading hub and a value router in the digital economy era. DMex will provide one-stop protection for the security and privacy of user data, assets, transactions, and identity verification. At the same time, it will aggregate a series of value services such as asset management, data analysis, and asset transactions into DMex’s landing applications, breaking traditional transactions. Restrictive barriers of the platform.

If 2018 is the first year of the development of spot exchanges, then 2021 must be the first year of the development of futures exchange. In 2018, there were a lot of new and c

DMEX is a one-stop application and community that integrates market information, asset management, and trading. DMEX has tens of thousands of users in the global market and has received early investment from Shunwei Capital and Zhen Fund. With the acquisition of the US MSB license by DMEX Morgan Stanley Exchange, it marks DMEX’s determination to accelerate the development of the global compliance market.

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