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Contistan Waffle Team Announces Project HELIUM-3 Stand-Up

Today, the Contistan Waffle team announced through official media the launch of their new project “HELIUN-3”, which will use advanced blockchain and smart technologies to develop an aerospace architecture that combines game mechanics with ecological and environmental protection and the discovery of new energy sources.

The new project “HELIUM-3”, launched by Contistan Waffle’s team, is based on one of the new energy sources they are investigating with “Singularity University”, called “Helium 3”. “Helium 3 “Helium-3 is a new energy source unique to the Moon, with very small reserves on Earth, and is recognized worldwide as an efficient, clean and safe fuel for nuclear fusion power generation.

It is a highly efficient, clean and safe fuel for nuclear fusion power generation, with zero emissions, non-toxic and easy to control after full combustion, and can produce huge electricity after a small amount of combustion. Because of its exceptional cleanliness, safety and efficiency, helium-3 has been called the “perfect energy source” by scientists and is currently the most promising new energy source that can be developed and used to solve the human energy crisis.

It is also because the Contistan Waffle team is promoting helium-3 as a new energy source that Singularity University is advocating the construction of a lunar excavation station in NASA’s parliament, in the hope of speeding up the excavation of a new energy source that will replace the emission sources of the Earth and alleviate the problem of climate change. The hope is to speed up the excavation of new energy sources to replace the Earth’s energy emissions and alleviate the problem of climate change.

With such a strong support, I believe that the development of HELIUM-3 will be more and more hot and tend to improve, in order to all people around the world to understand the ecological and environmental knowledge and the Earth’s energy crisis, the project is very educational, and can let all people understand the space architecture, the structure of the moon, and the structure of the moon. The project will not only contribute to the ecological and environmental protection and energy exploitation, but also to the global reserve of new talents.

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